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September 18, 2017

41周年大會暨聯歡晚宴終於順利結束。再次多謝大家的支持和鼓勵!就算酒微菜薄,但有一班貴賓,包括公務員事務局局長、保安局副局長、關長、各長官、其他各大紀律部隊的新知舊雨以及長期捧場的會員,確令晚宴熱鬧非凡。Live band又同大家jam歌,再加埋抽獎,更將氣氛帶到最最最高潮呢!雖則始終都要曲終人散,但係都要講句: 期望下年再見!不過下年有排先到,不如大家一齊睇住相先啦。 

June 23, 2017

香港海關官員協會熱切歡迎中央人民政府委任鄧以海先生由七月一日起出任海關關長。鄧先生將會是回歸以來,第二位出任海關關長的海關人員。本會十八年來爭取 「由內部晉升關長」的目標終於達成,本會感到無比欣慰及鼓舞。


過去十八年, 全體海關人員都能本着「護法守關,專業承擔」的精神緊守崗位,盡心盡力支持特區政府施政,服務市民,贏得各方面的肯定。等待了十八年,我們最終守得雲開見青天。由海關人員出任海關關長一職, 絕對是可喜可賀的大事。


June 9, 2017

1. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC) 

(a) Annual Civil Service Pay Adjustment for FY 2017-18

Just like all of you,  members of DSCC were shocked by the figure of the Pay Trend Indicators  (PTI) published on 18.5.2017.  We believed the PTI figures really failed to reflect truly the salary adjustment situation of the private sector last year.  In this connection, DSCC had submitted  a  pay claim letter (attached below) to the Secretary of Civil Service (SCS) asking the Administration to consider the following 5 relevant factors under the established annual civil service pay adjustment mechanism other than the PTI in deciding on the rates of pay adjustment for civil servants :-

  • the state of Hong Kong's economy;

  • the Government's fiscal position;

  • changes in the cost of living;

  • the pay claims of the staff sides; and

  • civil service morale 

In the letter, DSCC has submitted a pay claim of not less than 4.3% of salary adjustment for...

March 1, 2016

In the beginning of the Chinese New Year, ACESO EC is glad to send you the
latest newsletter and wish you all a prosperous Year of Monkey!

1. Final Extension of Service
CSB and the Department had promulgated the CSB Circular No. 2 of 2016 and
Departmental Standing Circular No. 1 of 2016 on Final Extension of Service
on 25.2.2016 and 26.2.2016 respectively. 


ACESO holds the following views:

(a) The Department should upkeep a high standard of control on the criteria
in para 6 of the Circular to ensure that the officers on extension are
capable and healthy officers who could make valuable contributions to the
Department during the extension period;
(b) As long as criteria of para 6 is met, the Department should approve the

ACESO is keeping a close dialogue on the implementation of the Scheme with
CSB, the Department and other unions.  If you have any view on the Final
Extension, please send your view to any EC member.


2. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC)


February 9, 2016

      就旺角今日凌晨發生的騷亂事件, 海關同仁強烈譴責暴徒目無法紀, 以暴力搗亂社會, 襲擊執法人員, 嚴重挑戰香港的法治。


       海關同仁團結一致, 全力支持警方嚴正執法, 保障市民的生命財產。我們十分敬佩警方前線人員在事件中的英勇表現, 並對受傷的警察同袍和新聞工作者致以深切慰問, 祝願他們早日康復。









December 24, 2015

1. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC) 


A) The DSCC presidium's meeting with CS 

On 16.11.2015, the presidium of DSCC attended 2016 Policy Address consultation session for the civil service sector, which was hosted by the Chief Secretary at CGO. During the meeting, we pointed out:-

a. Problems and concerns on the issues related to departmental quarters and civil service public housing quota;
b. Necessity of conducting a grade structure review for the disciplined services staff;
c. Difficulties arising from the increasing workload and limited resources allocation; and
d. Views on  Pay adjustment mechanism.

B. DSCC Monthly Meeting

In the latest DSCC staff side meeting held on 6.11.2015, the following issues had been discussed:


a) Extension of Service after retirement: 

The Post-Retirement Contract Scheme would be rolled out in November 2015 (details please refer to the attached CSB Circular No. 13/2015).  For the extension of 120 days Scheme, the Scheme would be rolled...

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