ACESO Newsletter – December 2015

December 24, 2015

1. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC) 


A) The DSCC presidium's meeting with CS 

On 16.11.2015, the presidium of DSCC attended 2016 Policy Address consultation session for the civil service sector, which was hosted by the Chief Secretary at CGO. During the meeting, we pointed out:-

a. Problems and concerns on the issues related to departmental quarters and civil service public housing quota;
b. Necessity of conducting a grade structure review for the disciplined services staff;
c. Difficulties arising from the increasing workload and limited resources allocation; and
d. Views on  Pay adjustment mechanism.

B. DSCC Monthly Meeting

In the latest DSCC staff side meeting held on 6.11.2015, the following issues had been discussed:


a) Extension of Service after retirement: 

The Post-Retirement Contract Scheme would be rolled out in November 2015 (details please refer to the attached CSB Circular No. 13/2015).  For the extension of 120 days Scheme, the Scheme would be rolled out soon.  Our understanding from CSB is that the Scheme would be similar to the existing extension of 90 days but the approval principle would be somewhat different from the existing Scheme. Under the new 120-day Scheme, the Department would normally approved the applications from officers while under the existing 90-day Scheme, the Department would only approve the applications from officers with exceptional grounds only.  The relevant CSB Circular will be issued soon and ACESO will keep you informed of the development.                       


b) DSCC Seminar: 

The Seminar will be held on 25.1.2016 & 26.1.2006 in Sai Kung Out-door Recreation Centre and the following speakers will deliver the following topics:
講者    主題    日期/時間
陳智思議員,GBS,JP    紀律部隊對香港的貢獻    25.1.2016(上午10:30分)
李慧琼議員,JP    公務員如何面對政治氣候    25.1.2016(下午2:30分)
湯家驊資深大律師    公務員如何面對政治氣候    26.1.2016(上午10:30分)
葉劉淑儀議員,GBS,JP    公務員薪酬福利事宜    26.1.2016(下午2:30分)


While ACESO EC members will join the Seminar, ACESO members are welcomed to join.  If you are interested, please send mail to me or any EC for enrolment on or before 7.12.2015.


c) ACESO also voiced out the grievances of officers on MPS Pt 34 to MPS Pt 43 (GDS(O) Pt 20 to GDS(O) Pt 31) who could not benefit from the 3% pay rise as a result of the recent Pay Level Survey which is only applicable to senior government officers on MPS Pt 44 (GDS(O) Pt 32) or above but had to suffer from the pay cut of 5.39 % applicable to all senior government officers on MPS Pt 34 (GDS(O) Pt 20) or above in the Pay Trend Survey in 2009.   While DSCC members appreciated this might affect the morale of the officers concerned, the matter could only be followed up in Grade Structure Review.  DSCC will continue to urge the Administration to spark off a new Grade Structure Review.  


2. Departmental Consultative Committee (DCC)

The next DCC meeting will be held on 5.1.2016. If you have any departmental matter to raise for discussion in the DCC meeting for attention of the Senior Management, you may send your suggestion to any EC members for the consideration of EC. 

3. General Disciplined Services General Union (GDSGU)

During the monthly GDSGU meeting held on 13.11.2015, the following issues had been discussed:

a. Details of the seminar to be held in Shenzhen on 12-13 December 2015.
b. Details and arrangement of the Annual Dinner to be held in Canton Road Fire Station on 4 December 2015.


4. Desk Planner

As last year, ACESO will distribute desk planner refill to members on request only. If any member wishes to have a 2016 desk planner refill, please goa SI KT Lau at (Tel. 3759 3048) on or before 31.12.15. Due to the time constraint and resources implications, we apologize that the desk planner refills have to be collected in 25/F of CHB, North Point only.  We would be grateful if you could co-ordinate with other members of your Divisions or Formation to collect the desk planners in one goal.


5.  Year Plan of ACESO

ACESO is making the year plan for 2016 and would like to have your views on what kinds of activities, seminars, visits, to be organized for the members in the year ahead.  You are welcomed to send your suggestion to any EC members for the consideration of EC. 


6.  Support to Members on Distress

ACESO is glad to learn that two of our members have been acquitted from criminal charge which was related to their duty on 30.11.2015.  In fact, Ms Bonnie Lo, Chairlady of ACESO , had attended Fanling Court on 30.11.2015 to show our support to them.  Working in line of the Objects of ACESO (to provide advice and assistance to members on distress), ACESO has provided continuous assistance to them.  In the process, we did witness the brotherhood and benevolence of our members and officers of other ranks of the Department who gave unsparing support to them.  ACESO is grateful of your support and proud to have members and colleagues with these respectful qualities.  


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