ACESO Newsletter – February 2016

March 1, 2016

In the beginning of the Chinese New Year, ACESO EC is glad to send you the
latest newsletter and wish you all a prosperous Year of Monkey!

1. Final Extension of Service
CSB and the Department had promulgated the CSB Circular No. 2 of 2016 and
Departmental Standing Circular No. 1 of 2016 on Final Extension of Service
on 25.2.2016 and 26.2.2016 respectively. 


ACESO holds the following views:

(a) The Department should upkeep a high standard of control on the criteria
in para 6 of the Circular to ensure that the officers on extension are
capable and healthy officers who could make valuable contributions to the
Department during the extension period;
(b) As long as criteria of para 6 is met, the Department should approve the

ACESO is keeping a close dialogue on the implementation of the Scheme with
CSB, the Department and other unions.  If you have any view on the Final
Extension, please send your view to any EC member.


2. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC)

a. Police Pilot Scheme for Leave Deduction Arrangement for Officers on
Non-5 day week Shift Pattern:

On 8.12.2015, CSB held a briefing to all DSCC members on the pilot scheme
proposed by Police which allows non-five day week officers to take two week
leave (14 days) with deduction of 10 days of vacation leave.  CSB indicated
that the Scheme only applied to officers on 7 day cycle and 14 day cycle and welcomed all disciplined departments to submit their proposal for
implementation of the similar scheme.  Our preliminary study suggested the
Scheme is suitable to be implemented in some shift patterns in PMC.

In mid-December, ACESO had requested OSA to study the Pilot Scheme and
submit the proposal to CSB for implementation as soon as possible.  OSA is
currently studying on  the Scheme and ACESO will keep you informed of the

b. DSCC Seminar:

The Seminar had been held on 25.1.2016 & 26.1.2006 in Sai Kung Out-door
Recreation Centre and 3 EC members had joined the Seminar.


3. Departmental Consultative Committee (DCC)

The  last DCC meeting was held on 5.1.2016. If you have any departmental
matter to raise for discussion in the next DCC meeting for attention of the
Senior Management, you may send your suggestion to any EC members.


4. General Disciplined Services General Union (GDSGU)

a. AGM of the GDSGU will be held on 18.3.2016 and the new Executive
Committee of the GDSGU for 2016 - 2018 will be elected.
b. The Union invited Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr. CHEUNG Wan Ching,
Clement, JP to officiate at the Annual Dinner of the Union on 4 December
2015. Members from various Disciplined Services attended the Annual Dinner
and shared views on housing benefits, extension of retirement, five days
work and other services wide welfare issues.
c. On 12-13 December 2015, about 35 members from various Disciplined
Services joined a visit organized by Police Cooperation and Liaison Office
to Shenzhen and Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station for getting more information
on the safety precautions taken in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Station; and
d. On 22 January 2016 the Union worked with other Disciplined Forces to
arrange a gathering for members and Chief Executive to share views on various departmental wide issues.


5. Desk Planner

ACESO had distributed 45 desk planner refills to members who had requested
for a 2016 desk planner.


6.  Uniform matter

ACESO had been requesting the Department to conduct a comprehensive review
on uniform since 2011. In January 2016, OSA organized a forum with all
staff unions of C&E Service for discussing about the review of working
dress.   OSA is summarizing all the information discussed during the forum
and will make recommendation for consideration of the senior management.
If you have any view on the Uniform review, you may send your suggestion to
any EC members.


During the Uniform Review Meeting in December 2015, ACESO has also
proposed the Department to consider allowing service member to return
unnecessary uniform items to uniform store (e.g. service member in civilian
dress could return unfit uniform items, such as working dress, safety
shoes, caps etc.) as those uniform items occupy a lot of storage space of
officers.  The proposal was turned down by the Chairman of the meeting.

7.  Review of Shift Patterns for Control Point Officers

 ACESO is working with other staff unions for reviewing the shift
pattern of officers of Control Points on non-five day week shift.  The
review is still under study and your view is welcomed.


8.  Revamping of ACESO web site

Recently, ACESO has revamped her web site and you are welcomed to visit our
web site at We wish that the new design will keep all
members better informed of our work and foster communication with members.


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