ACESO Newsletter June 2017

June 9, 2017

1. Disciplined Services Consultative Council (DSCC) 

(a) Annual Civil Service Pay Adjustment for FY 2017-18

Just like all of you,  members of DSCC were shocked by the figure of the Pay Trend Indicators  (PTI) published on 18.5.2017.  We believed the PTI figures really failed to reflect truly the salary adjustment situation of the private sector last year.  In this connection, DSCC had submitted  a  pay claim letter (attached below) to the Secretary of Civil Service (SCS) asking the Administration to consider the following 5 relevant factors under the established annual civil service pay adjustment mechanism other than the PTI in deciding on the rates of pay adjustment for civil servants :-

  • the state of Hong Kong's economy;

  • the Government's fiscal position;

  • changes in the cost of living;

  • the pay claims of the staff sides; and

  • civil service morale 

In the letter, DSCC has submitted a pay claim of not less than 4.3% of salary adjustment for all civil servants. 


On 6.6.2017, the Chief Executive-in-Council (CE-in-Council) decided to make the following pay offers to the four central consultative councils (including DSCC), effective retrospectively from 1.4.2017:-

The CE-in-council stated that they had taken account all the relevant factors under the established annual civil service pay adjustment mechanism in arriving at this decision.


(b)  Police Pilot Scheme for Leave Deduction Arrangement for Officers on Non-5 day week Shift Pattern

On 8.12.2015, CSB delivered a briefing to all DSCC members on the pilot scheme proposed by Police, which allows non-5-day week officers to take two week leave (14 days) by deducting 10 days of vacation leave in their balance. CSB indicated that the Scheme only applies to officers on 7-day cycle and 14-day cycle and welcomed all disciplined departments to submit their proposal for implementation of the similar scheme. Our preliminary study resulted that the Scheme would be suitable for
implementation in some shift patterns in PMC.


CSB informed us that Police had completed the pilot scheme and would submit report to CSB. The Scheme would be implemented in Police after endorsement of the report by CSB. ACESO is urging the Management to submit a proposal for implementation of the Scheme in C&E to CSB for implementation as soon as possible.  The Management is still awaiting for the final result of the Police pilot scheme. 


We were just informed that CSB will hold a new briefing on the Police Pilot Scheme to DSCC on 22.6.2017.  ACESO would update you on the progress and would urge the Management to implement a similar Scheme in our Department. 

(c) CE-elect's meeting with Staff Unions

On 6.4.2017, 10 representatives  from DSCC (CSD, C&ED, FSD, GFS and ImmD) were invited to attend a meeting with CE-elect. During the meeting, CE-elect stated her manifesto and works in coming 5 fives. She also listened our concerns.

2. Letter to CE Candidates                                                             
ACESO had sent a letter to the three CE candidates on 8.3.2017 (attached below) voicing out our concerns and suggestions on various political and social issues.  We had received positive feedback from the three candidates in particular on our concerns on the increasing burden and pressure of us as public officers as well as the succession of the post of Commissioner of Customs & Excise.

3. Recruitment of Members to Join the New Executive Committee for the Tenure of 2017-19

The tenure of the present EC will end in September 2017.  We are inviting members to join the election of the new EC to be held in September.  If you are interested to serve in the new EC members, please contact any one of the EC member in the EC List below. 


4. General Disciplined Services General Union (GDSGU) 

  • On 25.5.2017, representatives of GDSGU met with SCS to submit views of the Disciplinary Force on pay trend survey.  During the meeting, GDSGU urged SCS to weigh in not just the results of the survey but also other crucial factors, such as civil service morale and the cost of living before a final decision is made.

  • A National Studies Course to Xinjiang will be held in September 2017.  More details will be shared with members once available.

5.  Review of Shift Patterns for Control Point Officers

ACESO is pleased to learn that RFC management had implemented an  adjustment on the shift pattern of APSAPO of the Lowu Division in March 2017 from APSAPO to APSAPOAPO.  By revising the shift pattern, officers of Lowu will earn 4 day offs every 18 days that is better than the 3 day offs every 18 days under the old shift pattern. (The number of Day-offs per year will be increased from 60 days to 80 days).  ACESO welcomes the adjustment and hopes the adjustment to be implemented in other Divisions working on the shift pattern of APSAPO / AAPPSO / PPSAAO as soon as possible.  


Taking this opportunity, ACESO would like to express gratitude for the effort of the RFC Management in improving the working condition of frontline officers working on the shift pattern of APSAPO.  Moreover, we also appreciate the enormous supports rendered by the Directorate, which have made the proposal by ACESO since 2010 on the improvement of shift pattern of Lowu Division realize.  (Note: A-AM shift, P-PM shift, S-Swing shift and O-Day off).

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